Freight solutions addressing the requirements of special industry verticals.


Lower costs reduced lead times, end-to-end visibility, and improved response times are some of the key challenges of the industry. Geotrans offers smart solutions to achieve operational excellence.

Food & Beverage

Last mile delivery in the food and beverage (F&B) sector is more mature than other sectors. In the post pandemic world, even replenishment is crucial to build customer trust and gain competitive advantage. Geotrans is a partner of choice for the F&B sector.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Industrial Equipment manufacturers are increasingly pressured by their customers to offer a more flexible model. Operational agility is a must in a sector that purchases are on an on-demand basis. Our day definite and cost-effective solutions offer a competitive advantage.

Auto Motive

The Aftersales Market for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) copes with the new mobility environment, the need for multi-brand offerings, the speed-to-market, the shrinking profit margins. Our service offering ensures continuous flow of goods and market competitiveness.

Consumer and Retail

The increasing strength of online sales is major driver in the Consumer and Retail industry. Guaranteed capacities at a predetermined annual transportation cost is a “must have” for companies who pursue a strategy of sustainable growth. Geotrans understands and supports this journey.

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