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Geotrans is an International Freight Forwarders Company offering a complete suite of freight & logistics services.

We provide support to commercial and industrial businesses for the trade of goods globally, by land, air, and sea, as well as a full range of vertical storage and logistics services. Through constant development, we create functional procedures of the highest level, while providing the most sophisticated and secure methods of international transportation for goods.

We specialize in road transport, utilizing a highly organized network of scheduled routes connecting Greece with all the European countries. Our Forwarders Network covers the global transportation flow, connecting Greece to the major European and International key spots.

Geotrans has storage facilities and dispatching centres available in Milan, Turin, Ravenna, Pistoia, Bologna, Modena, Venice and Vincenza, while our services include weekly departures and arrivals from and to all the major European cities –in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and United Kingdom.

Our Air Freight services include airport services throughout Greece and worldwide triangle shipment. Our Sea Freight services connect you directly with the most important commercial ports globally, through a great number of scheduled departures from the Mediterranean, the Far East, Northen Europe and America.

The trusted partnerships with our international forwarders network and the greatest shipping companies allow Geotrans to provide global coverage and offer the shortest possible transport time at the lowest cost, with a timely shipment tracking, as well.

Geotrans International Forwarders – Providing First Class Freight Services on a Worldwide Scale.

  • About our company

    Geotrans is a pioneering company in the field of complete Freight Forwarding solutions, offering support to the commercial and industrial sectors for the international trade of goods.

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